About us

Step Inside true Laguna, a place that feels just like home: Where else can you discover a 1920s quaint wooden-shingled house with a flower-filled garden to enjoy classic signature cocktails, some fine wines and scrumptious appetizers?  At DIzz’s As Is you can see photos of film stars and unusual antiques while dining on such delicacies as generous cuts of filet mignon, giant tiger prawns or fresh fish of the day, served up extra saucy. It’s recommended to give your body a rest and allow yourself to eat. “Dizz’s As Is” not only presents itself as quaint, cozy and friendly, but it brings a vintage homelike quality to its fans.

Remember the movie Julia & Julia with Amy Adams who embarked on making all 524 recipes that Julia Childs' put in her cookbook? Well that was Papa Marcel Pitz --founder and owner of Dizz's-- before he arrived here in the states, he trained at Liege Culinary School. Marcel's heritage stems from having to wake up before the sunrise and work with Belgium's finest pastry chef Richard Pitz, his father and this occured before the use of Fondant! Making cake animals and cake houses wasn't his gig. He was driven to be a saucier and so creating orgasmic sauces became the foundation of Dizz's 42 years ago, making Dizz's the oldest establishment in Laguna, run by the same ownership.

During that time, the Pitz family was seeking a restaurant near the beautiful Southern California coastline when the 'Hippie Mafia' of Laguna Beach was finally starting to break-up. That was after a long drug bust of the 'Brotherhood of Eternal Love' and their overwhelming number of followers with a spiritual calling to drop 'Orange Sunshine.' (This commune was started by John Griggs and further run by the infamous Timothy Leary; now referred to as the Timothy Leary days.)

But Marcel was busy doing his thing and got his start when Newport Meat Company (the local meat distributor ) lent him a hand by agreeing to supply fresh cuts of meat until the business was up and running. The Pitz family was already on their way after buying 'Dizz's' at a fair price from a couple who were affected by taking too many hallucinogens making them feel dizzy. The term 'As Is' was added to the title when mama Monique started to treasure the mixed-matched dishes left behind 'as is' and the name 'Dizz's As Is' was coined.